photo: Screenshot/ Shahrzad Warkentin

Do you love taking pictures of your food? With a brand new Pinterest function, you can put those foodie pics to use and help you get more creative in the kitchen. The new technology allows you to take a picture of any food ingredient and then offers you a slew of information, from what the item is to how to use it.

If you’ve ever brought home a bounty from the farmers market and had no clue what to do with that giant bunch of basil, this app can help. Pinterest Lens uses food recognition technology to help you figure out new and creative ways to cook. All you need to do is use your smartphone camera to take a picture of an ingredient. Pinterest Lens will identify the item and then offer several search keywords that you can click on to find recipes and ideas based on the ingredient.

For example, if you snap a picture of an apple you’ll get pop-up balloons like “apple” that when clicked on will lead to a list of pins that include recipes for apples, like apple pies, crisps, chips and cookies. Genius.

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