Long time users of the visual search engine will be excited to learn that Pinterest launched new tools to organize pins, boards and more just this last week. The changes mean cleaner boards, easier ways to quickly move and edit pins and more user-preferred viewing options.

More than anything, the new improvements mean Pinterest users will have better options when it comes to finding content to help inspire them and to finish projects to completion. The new tools include the ability to archive boards, reorder the new “sections” feature, rearrange pins and sort boards.

Pinterest new tools

Archiving boards means keeping all your pins, but getting rid of that “baby’s first birthday” board you’ve been hanging on to for your now 7-year-old. Even better, you’ll stop receiving notifications for the pins on archived boards and will no longer see suggested pins for those board topics in your newsfeed!

In November Pinterest introduced “sections” for boards. The new tools released now give users the option to easily move the sections of the boards around for quick and easy pinning, instead of scrolling through tons of sections.

Pinterest has always added new pins to the top of users boards, pushing old pins to the bottom. Historically, this can be a pain if you’re trying to find a pin from months ago and have to scroll through hundreds of pins to get to it. Now, users can drag pins to the top for easy access and also for quick side by side comparison (think: will that pillow match my duvet?).

Users have long been able to sort their boards by dragging and dropping into their preferred view. The new changes now give us the ability to quickly sort alphabetically, most recently saved to and by board creation date.

These amazing new tools went into effect Feb. 14 so be sure to check them out!

Photos and GIFs courtesy of Pinterest; featured image Dai KE via Unsplash


Will you be using these new features to make your Pinterest account even better? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

––Karly Wood



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