Earlier this year the story of a man who used his wife’s Pinterest boards to give her the best gifts ever went viral. Now everyone can use this same genius move to buy the perfect present with Pinterest’s new Secret Santa tool.

Rather than relying on wish lists or guess-work, Pinterest has figured out a super smart way to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones and, unlike the man who devotedly followed his wife’s Pinterest boards for years, it hardly takes any time at all. The Secret Santa tool helps you find friends and family on Pinterest and then uses algorithms to create special boards with gift ideas based on what they have been pinning on their own boards. All you have to do is type their name into the tool.

The gift ideas include both DIY items and actual products which are linked to online shops, like Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond, so you don’t even need to hunt the items down, you just click the link and buy. What could be simpler? The only tricky part is that instead of dropping obvious hints to your partner on gift ideas, you’ll have to convince him or her to sign up for Pinterest.

Have you used the Secret Santa tool? Share your tips on finding the perfect gifts in the comments below.