One day you’re reading board books to your baby (while he or she simultaneously tries to chew on them). The next thing you know, that little one has grown into a big kid who’s ready to read independently. Scholastic’s early reader line, Acorn, is perfect for children ages 4-7. Here’s why kids (and their parents!) love them:

The Format Is Fun!

Each book contains three to five short stories about endearing characters. Kids can read the stories in a row or in any order they’d like. FYI: Giving kids this simple choice in how they read creates a sense of accomplishment. In addition, each page contains vibrant full-color illustrations—making them inviting and accessible (not intimidating!)—and text is easy to read and its humorous tone is a crowd-pleaser for silly kiddos. Some of the books have color-coded speech bubbles, just like graphic novels. This feature helps introduce dialogue, making reading aloud even more entertaining. 


They Build Confidence

It can be a challenge to find early chapter books that kids actually enjoy. Acorn make them feel confident in their reading abilities and encourage them to keep going! Activities at the end of each book maximize the reading experience with “how-to-draw” instructions and writing prompts (hello, future authors and illustrators!). These extension activities give kids additional ways to engage with the characters, while offering parents insight into their reading comprehension. 

There’s a Series for Every Reader

There are 12 series in the Acorn line, with more in the works. From friendship to magic, the wide array of genres makes it simple to find a just-right read for your kiddo. There’s even a “horror-lite” series on the list for kids who like spooky stories, called Mister Shivers! The Dragon series by Dav Pilkey (author of Captain Underpants and Dog Man) is a fan favorite. BFFs Unicorn and Yeti are great for those who love magical creatures. Princess Truly is an empowering series about a young girl. And Hello, Hedgehog is an adorable friendship series focused on achieving big childhood milestones and helping pals overcome fears. 

No Levels, No Problem.

Kids are used to seeing levels on their books. Not on these! Although books align with leveling guidelines, Acorn doesn’t put levels on the covers to keep kids from feeling pigeon-holed. They meet kids right where they are on their reading journey.


They’re Educator Approved.

Acorn executive editor Katie Carella was a teacher herself! She saw how difficult it was to find high-quality, interesting early readers for her students, which inspired her to create this line. Teachers across the country are big fans—making sure their classroom bookshelves are stocked with Acorn essentials! “The format made it feel similar to the higher-level books they see their older siblings reading, such as Captain Underpants and Dog Man, so they were excited to read it by themselves,” says a first-grade teacher, Sharon. 

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Princess Truly © by Amariah Rauscher
Hello, Hedgehog! Art © by Norm Feuti
Dragon Art © by Dav Pilkey
Moby Shinobi Art © by Luke Flowers
Unicorn and Yeti Art © by Hazel Quintanilla
Crabby Art © by Jonathan Fenske.
Bumble and Bee Art © by Ross Burach


-Jessica Solloway