Your kiddos PLAY-DOH dreams are about to come true! Hasbro recently announced the debut of a brand-new bucket of the colorful compound—and it comes with all the rainbow hues your creative kid needs to make their own mixed-up masterpiece.

After a day of sculpting and building with PLAY-DOH, there’s a zillion teeny tiny pieces of different colored compound leftover. Your kiddos are all in for piecing the odds and ends together to make a mega-ball of rainbow dough—but sometimes there just isn’t enough PLAY-DOH to keep.

Or perpahs your littles want every color of the rainbow—and you only have red, blue, and purple in your arts and crafts staff. Whether your leftovers don’t cut it or you wish your kiddos could have more colors, Hasbro has a solution.

Eric Nyman, Chief Consumer Officer at Hasbro, said in a press release, “With PLAY-DOH compound, the imperfect is perfect, the mess is a masterpiece, and colors are meant to be mixed!” Nyman added, “In honor of our 65th birthday, we invite parents to take a deep breath and let PLAY-DOH happen, because just like life, play should be messy, fun, and wonderful!”

The new PLAY-DOH All Mixed Up Can is a 2.75-pound bucket of with all the colors inside! Find the super-sized compound container (suggested retail price $14.99) at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Hasbro



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