Shiny happy people, laughing? Kids around the world love to play and can turn something as simple as a sidewalk into an epic road to adventure. In honor of the official International Day of Happiness, we bring you beautiful, happy children playing around the world. May it bring a smile to your face!

Kasmir, India

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kidsplaying - cc

photo: via flickr

Pitas, Malaysia


kidsplaying - cc angela sevin via flickr

photo: Angela Sevin via flickr



kidsplaying - cc Benedick Mark Chan via flickr

photo: Benedick Mark Chan via flickr


kidsplaying - cc Paulo Alegria via flickr

photo: Paulo Alegria via flickr

United Kingdom

kidsplaying - cc James Morley via flickr

photo: James Morley via flickr

United States

photo: lacates via flickr 


photo: Adam Jones via flickr 


photo: Connor Turner via flickr 


photo: Pison Jaujip via flickr 

—Christal Yuen & Amber Guetebier


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