LEGO®-Inspired STEM Camps

Dream it, build it, wreck it, repeat in these LEGO-inspired engineering summer camps! Your kid will engineer interesting projects, engage in critical thinking, work collaboratively and learn STEM concepts through playing with LEGO.

Play-Well staff have backgrounds in engineering, astrophysics, mathematics, education and more. Their love of LEGO® and STEM create a unique and vibrant learning environment. The kids have an absolute blast playing with LEGO® while also exploring new ideas, gaining knowledge and making friends.

Each Play-Well camp includes over 20,000 LEGO pieces! Kids can choose from different themes like Star Wars, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Robotics and Stop Motion. Campers get to travel into their favorite worlds where they can build with LEGO like never before. Play-Well camps are perfect for kids age 5 – 12.

Camps include two circle times where kids learn new terminology & STEM concepts. Your kid will come home talking about friction, force, and gear ratios. Play-Well camps show kids science in action and they learn tons about STEM without even realizing it. Play-Well offers camps in Seattle and the surrounding area including Pierce & Snohomish counties. Visit the Play-Well website to find out more and sign up – www.play-well.org


Play-Well TEKnologies LEGO® STEM Summer Camps
Phone: 253-655-7584
Online: play-well.org/camps-2019.php



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