Cheaper than apples, tougher than eggs—those are just two reasons why the rusty trusty potato makes the perfect plaything. From building a veggie-powered battery to running a potato relay race, these 10 games star the dependable spud.

potato_kidsPhoto: Lars Ploughmann via Flickr

Back to Back

Pairs of players stand back to back holding a potato between their backs. They must go through an obstacle course without dropping the potato. Then the potato is passed to the next pair.

Head Balance

Stage a short running race in which all racers must balance a potato on their heads. If it drops, you’re out of the race!

Potato Sword Fight

Players hold a spoon in each hand. Balance a potato in one spoon while the other remains empty. Pair up try to knock your opponent’s potato off the spoon without losing your own potato.

Potato Scoop

Cover a playing field with potatoes. At the signal, the potatoes must be collected and put into a pail or bowl using only a spoon. The winner is the person who collects the most potatoes.

Potato Peel

Who can make the longest potato peel?

Bobbing for Potatoes

Fill a tub filled with water and a sack of washed potatoes. Who can fish out the most potatoes within 2 minutes using only their mouths?

Potato Puzzle

A large potato is cut into several little pieces. Try to put the potato back together using toothpicks.

Spoon balance

Go through an obstacle course balancing a potato on a spoon.

Potato Power

Learn about the basics of battery science and use potatoes to make a simple battery to power a small light and a buzzer.

Hot Potato

Stand in a circle and start the music. The person with the potato tosses it to the person to their right. Continue tossing to the right around the circle until the leader stops the music. The person holding the potato when the music stops has the “hot potato,” and is out of the game.

Do you have any other potato games to share? Tell us in the comments below! 

–Erin Feher