National Pancake Day isn’t the only reason to play with your food. Kids love pancakes most any day, and these DIY games are no exception. Read on for our silly, sweet and simple ways to make pancakes without so much as a stove or syrup on hand.

Photo: Two Twenty One

Pancake Walk
Cut 6 pancakes out of cardboard or an old cereal box. The heavier weight works better than just paper. Using a regular kitchen spatula, have your kids stack one, then two, then three, etc. “pancakes” on the spatula and try and make it across the room without dropping them. You can also make this into a race with more than one kid at a time (or have them race against you) to see who can get to the other side first without dropping the pancakes.

Pancake Memory
Using simple paper, cut out 12 circles for the pancakes. On one side, draw simple shapes or icons, making sure to have two of each icon. Let the kids help with the coloring and drawing. Then lay all the pancakes, drawing side down, and play a game of matching/memory. For older kids, you can make more than 12 and for the youngest set, try making just 6 (3 matching sets).

Felt Pancakes
This one requires a few more “ingredients” than the others. You’ll need brown and yellow felt, scissors and fabric or Elmer’s glue. Cut out circles to represent pancakes and small yellow rectangles to represent pats of butter. Have the kids help assemble. Serve the pancakes on a paper plate to some of your kiddo’s resident stuffies.

Flip a Word
Make circle shapes with letters that will form words on the other side. For toddlers, you can do the letters of their name or basic words like mom, dad, cat, pig, etc. Older kids can do longer words or sentences. Write the letters on one side, and have the kids flip them with a pancake spatula, then place them in the correct order for the words.

Got any other ideas for Pancake Day games and crafts? Share them with us in the comments below!


—Amber Guetebier