If you live on a calm residential street, you should consider staking a claim on the street in front of your house for your kids.  “Staking a claim,” mean spending lots of time there with your kids playing so your kids will get used to the idea of playing on the street, and drivers who frequently drive past your house will get used to the idea that they have to share the road with kids.

I’ve done this with my three boys, and it’s worked out great. Lately, we’re playing street hockey, catching baseball, or hitting tennis balls on our street every night. Also, they’re learning more and more about how to deal with cars when they come, and cars are getting used to sharing our road with us.

You can read more about claiming your street for your kids here.

Contributor Mike Lanza is founder of Playborhood, a blog (and soon-to-be-released book) that shows parents how to give their children a life of neighborhood play.