It’s a big year for the Back to the Future series––it’s turning 35! As a tribute to the greatest time traveling saga of the 80’s, Playmobil is releasing a special advent calendar to honor your fave characters.

Featured in the themed set is the historic clock tower with 24 doors that each contain a different surprise item! Get face to face with Marty, Doc Brown and of course, Biff.

The fun set also includes seven figures, a guitar, speaker, Twin Pines Mall sign, letter to future Doc Brown, hazmat suit, bench, plutonium and many more accessories. If you simply must have a DeLorean to complete the set, you can also snag it from Playmobil for $49.99.

The Back to the Future Advent Calendar releases in September for $34.99. Head to Playmobil to sign up and get notified when it’s ready for purchase.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Playmobil



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