Crayons. Paper. Glitter. Glue. You’ve got the basic supply list down pat. In fact, you probably have it on auto-order from Amazon. When it comes to the I-never-knew-I-needed-this list, however, we’re betting you might already have it somewhere else in the house—if not, we’ll show you where to grab everything on the list. From essential playdoh ingredients to hair conditioner (who knew?!) and even golf tees, flip through the slideshow below for everyday items we’ve caught moonlighting as must-have playtime supplies.

Spray Bottles

When you look at a spray bottle could be the only thing you see is piles of wrinkled button-downs and dusty windows. Look again and you’ll see---in the hands of your littles---it’s an art supply, (makes great watercolor patterns!) it’s a keep-me-cool-on-sunny-days, it's even be an insta-wash for any toy cars laying around needing a good soak.

Available on$12.11 for a pack of 6.

Photo: Julie Jordan Scott via flickr creative commons

What is your go-to (but unusual) playtime supply? Share with us in the Comments!

—Gabby Cullen