Parenthood can be an exciting time, filled with sweet smells, baby cuddles and love. It can also be exhausting, confusing and lonely. Some days are head turning combinations of all of the above! For advice, parents may have their parents, friends, pediatricians, media experts and assorted strangers at the grocery store or they may have nobody. How does a sleep-deprived parent get the information, support and companionship that they need in the limited time between nap-time, diaper time and cooking dinner? All of this, and more, is available through the Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mothers’ Club. Our goal is to provide our members, and their families, friendship, support and information on parenting young children through meetings, activities, playgroups and monthly newsletters. We have monthly meetings which are open to prospective members, so come and meet us! Learn more about the Club online at or contact us at (925) 939-6466 or