Gotta eat them all! OREO has a new collab with Pokémon and it’s extra sweet for gaming fans. The limited edition cookies feature 16 unique Pokémon designs and the familiar classic taste of the chocolate and creme.

Perfect for parties or elevating an after school snack, each pack gives you a chance to find all 16, including a super rare Pokémon (like Mew). But just like in the game, some of the Pokémon are a lot harder to find than others. With a random assortment in each package, you might have to buy more than one to find your favorites!

You can pre-order to cookies now on Oreo’s official website, or look for them in nationwide retailers starting September 13, while supplies last. The real question: how will you document your catches before you consume them?

If you live in the LA area, you’ll definitely want to visit the Venice Beach Boardwalk in the next couple weeks. The brands have installed an art installation that features a Pikachu made of more than 8,000 3D replicas of the limited-edition cookies!

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Nabisco



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