Did you know that International Polar Bear Day is Sat. Feb. 27? This year Polar Bears International (PBI) is using the day to bring focus to moms and cubs with live chats, educational programming and lots of live cams.

Want to catch a glimpse of polar bears and the Northern Lights? The PBI live cam is now live in all its Aurora Borealis glory.

photo: ©Kt. Miller + Polar Bears International

Want to get in to the nitty gritty and learn all there is to know about polar bears? You can catch a special schedule that digs deep into how to protect polar bear families, watch a special screening of a film on moms and cubs and even do a recycled polar bear art project. Just check out the PBI International Polar Bear Day schedule here.

If your kiddos absolutely can’t wait until Feb. 27, then you can wow them with these unique facts from PBI to get them excited for the big day.

  1. Polar bears typically give birth to *twins*

  2. Polar bears are the size of a guinea pig when born (~ 1 pound!)

  3. Polar bears are born blind and toothless

  4. Polar bears touch noses to ask to share food

  5. Polar bears have black skin and their hair is transparent

  6. Polar bears are marine mammals

  7. Polar bears don’t prefer sea ice to land––they need sea ice to survive.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: ©BJ Kirschhoffer + Polar Bears International



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