Sometimes, babies just need to eat. When police officer Celeste Ayala was working her Tuesday shift in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she probably never thought that she’d be the one responsible for feeding a baby—much less one that wasn’t hers.

Ayala heard a malnourished six-month-old baby crying—and as a new mama herself, she knew exactly what she needed to do. The baby was taken to the hospital by social workers along with her five siblings, and as her cries continued, it was obvious the baby was in desperate need of a milk meal. After getting permission from the hospital staff, the police officer actually nursed the crying baby in an incredible act of selflessness.

Marcos Heredia, one of Ayala’s co-workers, saw what she was doing and caught her act of extreme kindness on camera. Heredia then posted the pic on Facebook, writing (translated), “I want to make public this great gesture of love that you made today with that baby, who you did not know, but for who you did not hesitate to act like a mother.”

Heredia wasn’t the only one who noticed the sweet sentiment and amazing act. The minister of security of the Province of Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo, promoted Ayala to sergeant after hearing about her heroic act!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Aditya Romansa via Unsplash



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