This story isn’t like any other. When dad LaVonte Dell was pulled over, he was sure he getting a ticket for his tinted windows. Officer Joshua Scaglione of the Westland Police Department went up to LaVonte’s car to collect his papers, and as he looked in the back of the vehicle, he saw LaVonte’s three-year-old daughter sitting without a car seat.

When he questioned LaVonte about it, LaVonte teared up and said that he was enduring some serious financial hardship. He was unable to afford a new carseat after she outgrew the old one.

Rather than issuing a ticket, Officer Scaglione invited LaVonte and his daughter to the local Walmart, where he bought them carseat with his own money. When LaVonte asked the officer why he was doing this, Scaglione said “I’m just doing my job. What good would giving you a ticket do besides put you further in the hole, making it harder for you to come up?”

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