Who says you need to buy pricey outdoor toys to have fun on a snow day? According to one group of happy winter weather adventurers on social media, pool floats as makeshift sleds are now the IT item of the season.

We’ve all heard about the wild weather that’s taken parts of the country by storm (so to speak). When Seattle had its own snowmaggedon recently, a group of creative kiddos took to their neighborhood hill with one pretty rad sled.

Instead of the traditional plastic disks or sleighs, this kids gathered together in the back of a massive pink flamingo raft. When KOMO meteorologist Scott Sistek shared a clip of these kids sledding away in their over-sized raft, it got plenty of attention online.

The video, filmed by Doug Patterson, now has more more than 4.3 million views on Facebook. And if you’re not one of the millions that’s already seen it…well, you’re in for a treat—and maybe some wintery inspiration!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Scott Sistek via Facebook



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