When Justin Bieber tweets people listen. That is, Popsicle people listen. Just a few short months after the celeb tweeted about the iconic discontinued duos, the makers of the icy treats responded—with a revival of the Original Double Pops!

What says summer more than breaking apart the two sticks of a Double Pop? Even though you may have fond memories of sharing a grape or cherry red with your childhood BFF, your kiddo doesn’t. But don’t worry, Popsicle recently remedied the situation. At least for now.

The Double Pop reboot is sadly a limited-time summer treat. That is, unless you join forces with the other double fans. Popsicle vowed, on Twitter, to bring the Double Pop back permanently if the company’s original announcement was retweeted at least 100,000 times before Jul. 23.

How close are we to getting a permanent Popsicle double fix? As of now, the retweet total tops 49,000, so there’s still some way to go. So if you’re a fan of the freezing treat, you only have a few days left to retweet!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: etorres69 via Canva



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