Whether you’re gripping your coffee mug while you push your tot on the swing or enjoying a well-deserved adult beverage at a party, as a mom your hands are never truly free. That’s why PopSockets new line, PopThirst Can Holders and Cup Sleeves are the greatest thing ever.

The same company that created the brilliant PopSockets phone accessories has now added that simple, but oh so clever technology to your drink ware. The PopThirst Cup Holders and Cup Sleeves are essentially a Koozie with a built-in PopSocket so that you can relax your grip a little and not worry about spilling––even when the kids are playing a game of tag between your feet.

The sleeves and holders are designed to fit around most hot to-go cups, cans and pints and will help keep hot beverages warm and cold drinks cool. They come in a variety of designs and the PopGrip is removable, which means you can twist it off and swap it with a different design if you wish.

The PopThirst Can Holders and Cup Sleeves are priced at $15 each and available for purchase on PopSockets’ website now.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: PopSockets



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