We curated a list of the most irresistible trends (that are still going strong!) to catch our eye in 2017: Joanna Gaines and her fellow design gurus took a trip to the dark side, baby names like Moana and Belle were on the rise, and even tiny dolls in balls made their mark. Keep scrolling to see them all.

1. Unicorn food

2017 was all about unicorn everything, especially tasty treats! Starbucks unveiled a unicorn frappuccino that took the world by storm, and other magical foods like unicorn toast, unicorn fudge, and unicorn hot chocolate had everyone seeing rainbows.

2. Disney Baby Names

With blockbusters like Moana and Beauty and the Beast out this year, the number of parents choosing Disney-themed baby names was on the rise! Don't be surprised if you meet a little Elsa or bitty Belle in the near future!

3. Oreos of All Types

See you later, regular old chocolate sandwich cookie! It seemed like every time we hit the grocery store this year, there was a new Oreo cookie flavor to try. Flavors that debuted this year include jelly donut, waffles & syrup, cookie butter, apple pie, firework, pb&j and the ever-exciting mystery Oreo.

4. Millennial Pink

This color was everywhere in 2017, from accessories to toys to clothing to restaurant decor. Even a NYC neighborhood ice cream truck was spotted sporting the bright hue! 

5. Slime

Not all 2017 toy trends were store-bought and chances are, you made a pile of this goop (or purchased the ingredients) with your kids this year. Homemade slime was all the rage and props to you if you got creative with rainbow colors, glitter, or googly eyes for a monster spin!

6. Dark Walls

Light, bright, white interiors were a dime a dozen when it came to interior trends which is why we were surprised by their darker counterparts making a splash! Deep navy blues, hunter greens, and rich wallpapers brought an intriguing moodiness to nurseries—even Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines' started working darker walls into her designs!

7. L.O.L Surprise! Balls

Kids still love a good blind bag! These exciting spheres offer more than 50 dolls and accessories to open and discover. What surprised us is that the L.O.L balls turned out to be the most popular toy of the year, and if you don't have any now, don't worry! We're sure this one will be holding strong in 2018. 

photo: Museum of Ice Cream

8. Pop-up Places

Cool pop-ups were a must-visit this year and made very interesting Instagram photos! Pop-up experiences like the Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory in San Francisco, and Happy Place in LA drew huge crowds and even bigger smiles from the littles.

photo: Lip Smacker

9. Rose Gold Everything

Much like millennial pink, you can find rose gold in just about every shape and form these days. Shoes came in rose gold shades, jewelry was everywhere, and even the iconic Lip Smacker took a turn and introduced the rose gold Tsum Tsum Minnie.

10. Online Shops Turned Brick and Mortar

In what seems almost like a trend in reverse, Amazon opened a bookstore in New York City! Other online companies to open storefronts this year include Warby Parker, Bonobos, even Vistaprint.

What trends stood out to you this year? Share them with us in the comments below!

—Kaitlyn Kirby


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