Fall is almost here: the weather has a welcome chill, you’re digging out the family’s jackets, and leaves are getting that tinge to them. Say farewell to summer, but don’t despair! We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for a season full of fun this year. Get your calendar out and start adding, because there’s cider to taste, rock climbing, Oktoberfest, salmon jumping and crafts galore. And that’s just in one week! Read on for more!

photo: Meg via flickr

 1. Find the perfect pumpkin for the occasion at one of these great farms.

 2. Go on a special hunt at Kiyokawa Orchards for pink-on-the-inside apples, sure to please any princess-in-training. 

3. Take a spooky walk over a local suspension bridge to a 40 foot castle on the Fantasy Trail!

4. Spend the day at the Hood River Valley Harvest Fest, where the whole Gorge turns out to celebrate the season! 


5. Score some back-to-school hits at some of the best deals around

6. Find a fall festival for all your apple-bobbing, cider-sipping needs.

7. Scoot over the bridge to Sauvie Island, where you can enjoy one last warm day on the sand, find a frog on a pond trail, or hit up some fall farms. 

8. Tell the funniest joke. 

9. Hit the trails with your wheels. Stroller wheels, that is. 

10. Strike out on a fantastic day trip for a change of scenery.

photo: Teote via facebook

11. Eat outdoors on a balmy night .

12. Take the kids to Vegas! (What??? No, really!) 

13. Don the lab coats and perform some epic science experiments.

14. Bar-hop, family-style. 

15. Cotton candy, rides, roller skating, trains, more rides, mini golf, carnival games… it’s pretty much paradise for kids every day at Oaks Amusement Park. 

16. Dress up and head to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, because family pictures in matching lederhosen will be pure gold at your reunion in 30 years.

17. Visit a great local bookstore for some thrilling journeys to fantasy land. 

18. Cast a line at a new or favorite fishing spot.

19. Check out the new visitor center at Tillamook Cheese Factory.

photo: Kristi White via flickr

20. Hunt for the splashiest waterfall on some of these great hikes. 

21. Hit up OMSI for a mere $2 on the first Sunday of every month! 

22. Fly to the stars then splash down a slide at the Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum– and Waterpark!

23. Fall rain never stops a good adventure- take the kids rock climbing indoors

24. Discover why the downtown Vancouver Community Library has been named one of the top 10 libraries for kids! 

25. Practice your perfect 300 game at your local bowling alley.

26. Watch the salmon leap up the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam.

27. Soar, discover and explore in Astoria.

28. Splash around in one of our great indoor pools.

29. Check out the best colors of the season.

photo: pumpkin regatta via facebook

30. Watch a giant pumpkin race! 

31. Join the Swift Watch at Chapman Elementary to watch these birds roost each night.

32. Head to Lincoln City for the Kite Festival!

33. Find a treasure at the gem show. 

34. Find edible treasures for your adventurous eater at the mushroom festival.

35. Tour a pioneer-era farm at their annual Cider Squeeze.

36. Discover awesome playgrounds for your awesome kids 

37. Movie night! Order up some popcorn and fun at these theaters for kids

38. Get some retail therapy, kid-style.

photo: jason via flickr

39. Hit the road on one of these epic fall road trips. 

40. Find your new favorite bedtime story from one of the best books of 2018- so far!

41. Get sciency at home with these lab experiments. 

42. Fly away with your very own pixie dust https://redtri.com/make-your-own-pixie-dust/

43. Craft the perfect paper crown, monster, or giant airplane! 

44. Make s’mores over an epic bonfire.

45. Go on a Treasure hunt for leaves, and create a rainbow on your living room wall.

46. Get spooky with some fizzy, bubbly, smoky, glittery pretend potions.

47. Head to the Portland Farmer’s Market and find the most perfect apple you can. Winner gets to make apple cobbler!

48. Hunt for pinecones and make some treats for the birds, or get crafty with these options! 

49. Get lost in the corn maze!

50. Carve the best.pumpkin.ever.


—Katrina Emery