1You dig your portable changing pad out of the depths of your diaper bag, unfurl it, set your baby on it, and within moments, your wiggly tot is perpendicular to the rectangular pad. Kind of defeats the purpose of that pad, doesn’t it? Give yourself (and your shoulder) a break from lugging around your big, overstuffed diaper bag with the ingeniously designed Patemm changing pad. Designed by Grace Welch, a San Francisco mom of four with a background in design, the Patemm pad (named after her first two children, Patrick and Emma) is quickly becoming the “how-did-we-live-without-this” item for new parents. This circular pad is large enough to keep your baby from rolling off, and after you’re done changing her, it’s easily folded with one hand and picked up by its handle. You can fit a diaper, wipes, and even a change of clothes inside the pad, making it all you need to grab for shorter trips (to the park, the store, etc).

Patemm comes in a range of stylish patterns (think mod dots, Asian-inspired floral patterns, and much more), and whether you opt for coated, waterproof cotton, or non-coated, organic cotton, all Patemm pads are are PVC, lead, phthalate, BPA, latex, and formaldehyde-free. You can pick them up now at Giggle (on Union St., in Corte Madera, and in Walnut Creek), or order through the website. Form meets function, and makes being a parent on the go a little bit easier along the way.

Patemm changing pads, $60