Summer is coming and the race is on to sign up for camps. But if you’re not ready to plan your whole summer before spring break, what do you do? Read on to find out more about the newest, coolest camp coming to Portland this June. It’s Steve and Kate’s Camp, where creativity, pure play, live shows and serious thrills for kids meets easy-peasy summer childcare solutions for parents.


What’s the big idea?
For 34 years, Steve and Kate’s Camp, based in the Bay Area, has been bringing summer fun to the masses from California to Massachusetts, and will reach Portland this summer.

For starters, the camp offers daily, self-lead learning activities with five creative hives.  The hives are filled with art supplies and professional equipment for kids openly to explore music recording, stop-motion animation, style/sewing, dance and bread-making for as long – or as little –  as they like without adult expectations placed on them.

For sports, like soccer, field polo, hockey and racquet sports, an inflatable kid-sized stadium will help keep the ball in bounds and keep the kids active and running. Classic activities, like blocks, card games, pogo sticks and foosball are also available at any time, ensuring the kids will have fun and stay busy no matter what mood they’re in.

In addition to the daily offerings, the two camp locations will also feature a weekly thriller, like a hurricane water slide, a go-kart track, a rock climbing wall, inflatable hamster wheels and water balloon launchers.  To keep the kids guessing and coming back for more, the camps will have at least one show each week, such as a reptile show or a performance by a youth dance troupe.

Last, but not least, the Filmmaker-In-Residence will turn the campground into a giant movie lot each day with campers as the actors and crew members.  The films are scripted, shot and edited for their premiere at a Campers Showcase, shown at 39 other camp locations.


Who is this for?
The program is designed for kids entering Kindergarten through 7th grade in the fall. Pre-K kids must be 4 by their first day of camp.

Where and when is it offered?
7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. daily, closed on July 4th

Eastside: June 23-August 29, All Saints School, 601 NE 39th Ave.

Westside: June 16-August 22, Ainsworth Elementary School, 2425 SW Vista Ave.


What food should you pack?
Almost worth the price of admission alone is that Steve and Kate’s staff will also feed the kids a healthy lunch and snacks, so there’s no need to pack food.  A variety of foods designed by former Google executive chef, Nate Keller, includes Italian, Mexican, Japanese, French and American cuisine.  In addition to the kid-friendly international fare, the menu will offer classic favorites, like quesadillas and good, ol’ mac and cheese with a little cauliflower mixed in for added nutrition.

How much is this going to set you back?
There are two options for paying, The Day Pass and The Membership. For The Day Pass, parents can purchase as many Day Pass cards as they would like.  Passes are transferrable between siblings. Adults don’t have to worry about over-buying because they will automatically be refunded at the end of the season for any unused cards.  Who else does that?!  The Day Pass prices depend on how many you buy.  The more you buy, the less you pay per day.

1 or more $89/day; 5 or more $79/day; 20 or more $69/day

The Membership is one flat price for the whole summer.  At the end of the summer, if the membership hasn’t been used enough to justify the cost, the staff converts it to the day pass rate and the balance will be refunded, as well.  This option includes one guest pass and can be used for anyone on any day with advanced registration. The Membership price for the summer is $2415.


Phone: 415.389.KIDS

What are your summer plans?  Let us know in the Comments below.

–Suzie Ridgway

Photo credit: Kate Susskind