How many times have you tried to take your kiddo to a performance only to have to leave halfway through because of a tantrum or just a bad case of the wiggles? Well, thanks to the Oregon Ballet Theatre, the ballet is now a kid-friendly destination and an ideal environment to introduce your little ones to live performances. On March 3, the Oregon Ballet Theatre is putting on a performance of Giselle for a special one hour, kid friendly showcase with music by Adolphe Adam and choreography by Lola de Avila (after Petipa/Corelli). Tickets for this performance are 40% off regular price and kids under 3 years of age get in for free, with the purchase of an adult ticket. Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the ballet in a welcoming, enchanting, and family-friendly environment.

About Giselle
When the Duke Albrecht of Silesia disguises himself as a peasant named Lyos, Giselle falls madly in love with him. A gamekeeper named Hilarion, who is in love with Giselle, investigates Lyos’ true identity, he discovers that Lyos is really the Duke in disguise. Giselle discovers the lie of Lyos’ identity and dies of a broken heart. A group of female spirits called the Wilis, sentence Albrecht to his death for his deceit. But it is Giselle’s love for Albrecht, and her disregard for vengeance that saves him, and allows her to rest in peace.

Saturday, March 3rd at 2:00 pm

Keller Auditorium

Tickets start at $13.75

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