Portland is known for its inventive culinary scene, so it’s no wonder that Portland kids enjoy menu offerings beyond the always expected chicken tenders and fries. Tickle your tots’ taste buds with these adventurous meals that will please even the most particular palates. Read on for 9 restaurants putting a fresh and flavorful spin on the traditional kids menu.

Marrakesh is a Portland dining experience not to be missed. At this cozy Moroccan restaurant, diners are treated to a five-course meal and belly dancing while sitting on colorful floor cushions in the ornate dining space. (A la carte menu is also available, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.) Although there is no designated kids menu, little ones with adventurous palates will love the assortment of dishes and flavors. The five-course dinner ($19.95/person) includes lentil soup, salad Marrakesh, and B’stilla Royale, a dish of meat wrapped in layers of flaky phyllo dough, and topped with powdered sugar. Next, diners have their choice of entrée, with options like Chicken with Lemon and Olives, Couscous Vegetarian or Beef and Vegetable Brochette. After the meal, mint tea is served with dessert.

Kids will love that they can eat everything with their hands at Marrakesh, and servers wash everyone’s hands with warm scented water before and after the meal. Belly dancers perform in the restaurant Wednesday through Sunday nights, adding to the lively atmosphere. If you’ve always wanted to belly dance, Marrakesh may be your chance! Performers often pull diners up from their seats to join in the festivities.

1201 NW 21st Ave.
Online: marrakeshportland.com

photo: eyeliam via flickr

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—Anna Doogan