One of America’s oldest operating amusement parts is right here in Portland. Boasting an old-school charm, The Oaks Park Amusement Park & Roller Rink showcases all kinds of fun and games for your little ones. Hop on mini-thrill seeking rides, enjoy a tranquil round of mini golf, or hold hands with your kids as you circle the Northwest’s largest roller-skating rink. To get the 411 on all the special events and activities at Oaks Park, check out our guide below.

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Spring Into A Weekend of Rolling Fun
Fams looking to fill their Spring time weekends with excitement are going to love this. Every Sat. & Sun, from 12pm-5pm, Oaks Park Amusement Park will open its doors for you. No matter what age you are or what fear factor level you carry, there’s something for you to do. Tots can ride the carousels, pops can jump on a roller coasters or two, and happy feet swingers can trot around the dance pavilion before hitting up concession stands for refreshments.

It doesn’t stop there! Little adventurers can get on giant tugboat, fly in a rocket ships, beep on a motorcycle, bump around on four-seater cars… you get the full picture. But in case all those things weren’t convincing enough: There’s even a great big pink slide and a scenic picnic area with river and city views for a perfect backdrop that mom’ll love.

oaks-park-carouselPhoto: Edwin & Kelly Tofslie via Flickr creative commons

After dad and big bro have screamed their lungs out on those stomach-quivering rides, head over to their miniature golf course for a calming round of holes, waterfalls, and games against the views of the Willamette. If this is your birdie’s favorite spot, don’t forget to come back around on their special day. This putting ground is a rad option for a birthday party.

For Those Long Summertime Days
When summer comes, and little riders who can’t take noisy crowds and long hot days start to cry, Chipper’s PreSchool Rides is the way to comfort them. From June – Sept., tucker your tot out every Tues. and Wednes., starting at 9:30am until 12pm! These mornings are an extra special ages 6 and under zone, meaning only age appropriate rides for these kiddos will be open. So remember to hop onto that open air train that chugs around the park top before the 12pm crowds come in.

Without the bigger kids out and about, this morning special is truly a toddler’s oasis! What, there’s more? Yep! Preschoolers can enjoy a morning snack of milk and cookies. As kids nom away, they can jump into story time with Oregon Dairy Princess and Chipper the Squirrel! These early amusement park perks are included in the price of admission ($7.50/child; one accompanying adult free). Wow, Oaks Park sure thinks of everything.

Skate Like It’s 1989
Don’t want to ride or putt around? Then hurry and get your fill of Oak Park’s smooth roller rink, which also has events specially catered to your little one as well. Until June 11, every Tues. and Wednes. mornings from 10am-11:30am is Preschool Play and Skate, a 6 and under roller exclusive crowd. The $6/child admission includes skate rental, a 15 min. lesson, stretching exercises, hands on staff, snack, music and even an accompanying adult (16 and older).

The same deal rolls on Sat. mornings from 10:30am – 12pm and is appropriately named Kids Morning Skate. For kids 10 and under, it costs a mere $6. Plus the kids get pick the music!

oaks-park-rollerskatesPhoto: Jason Lander via Flickr creative commons

There’s other cool skate deals to keep an eye on. Oaks Park carries afternoon and evening open skates, which are also $6/skaters. Every few weeks there’s a Home School Skate night for home schooled kids and their families (which also counts towards your kiddo’s PE credit – score!). Don’t forget to check their website for the calendar. There’s also discounts and special events deals to be had.

Double Header Anyone?
Oaks Park is also close to many other superb family adventures that can easily slip into your schedule before or after the  amusement park action. Take a nature-zoned hike at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge or at the Springwater Corridor. Bring your kiddo to the amazefest playground, Sellwood Community Park, which is a stone’s throw away. There’s also some extra awesome eateries around Sellwood.

Need To Know
Gate admission and parking is completely free, but you have to pay for individual tickets to ride. It’s $2.50/ride ticket; $15/7 ride tickets; and bracelet specials for $13-26, which include a varying amount of rides and roller skating sessions. Check the website for ride ticket details. When you’re ready grab your team and head over to the coolest amusement park Portland has to offer.

Oaks Park
7805 SE Oaks Park Way
Portland, Or 97202

Have you been to Oaks Park with your kiddo? Share your favorite attraction with our reader’s in the comments below! 

–Liz Overson

Photos courtesy of Oaks Park unless otherwise indicated