Feeling lucky? Pick up an Oregon Lottery ticket and see what happens! Whether or not you win big, you’ll be supporting local public education. Because for the past 24 years, a portion of profits have been granted to public education purposes across Oregon. (In fact, it’s a state constitutional amendment!)

How does the Oregon Lottery help public education in Oregon?
Playing Keno, Scratch-its, Video Lottery or any other Oregon Lottery games means taking a chance at an amazing and potentially life-changing jackpot. It also means supporting local schools in a really big way. A whopping 53% of Oregon Lottery profits go towards paying teachers’ salaries, building and repairing schools, and much-needed resources like textbooks, computers, equipment of all kinds and education-related services.

Just in the past two years, the Oregon Lottery has awarded $537.7 million to K-12 public education. That’s about $460 per student each year! One of the very special recipients is the Outdoor School program for Oregon’s 5th and 6th graders, which is so much more than campfires and s’mores! And funds go towards higher education too, including grants and scholarships for under-represented communities.

Have a teacher you adore? Nominate him or her!
What’s more, the Oregon Lottery has partnered with The Oregon Department of Education to celebrate great dedication and leadership in the schools and offer a Teacher of the Year program. The winning teacher receives $5,000 and a special fund to cover all travel costs for the year, plus $5,000 for his or her school. Other beneficiaries of the Oregon Lottery include state parks, veteran services, job creation and watershed enhancement. So there’s always a good reason to play and support a good cause.

Oregon is uniquely committed to public education and the well-being of all of its students — to the tune of nearly $7 billion! You can show your commitment too by playing the Lottery and knowing that some of that money is going back to Oregon, the education of its youth and its chance for a promising future.

Learn more about how your lottery dollars help support education in Oregon by visiting OregonLottery.org.

—Whitney C. Harris