All the Sweetest Shops to Treat Yourself & Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is right around the corner. While COVID has closed some stores and restricted holiday activities, there are still plenty of shops selling confections that will delight your loved ones both young and old. If you are looking to buy candy, cupcakes, chocolate and other confections for you kids and partners on Valentines Day, read on to find out where you can buy sweets for your sweetie.

Hot Chocolate

Warm, sweet bellies equal warm hearts. Hot chocolate earns hugs and kisses every time. Wondering where you can get the best cup of hot chocolate in Portland? Cup and Bar is Located in the old Stark Vacuum building on MLK, this spacious and sun filled café serves pastries & drinks sourced from Ranger Chocolate Company’s small batch artisanal chocolate, light yet filling fresh food made in-house daily, and ethically sourced coffee from Trailhead Coffee Roasters.Their silky warm chocolate is guaranteed to leave you satisfied!

Creo Chocolate isn't just the place to go for great candy! You can get some of the best hot chocolate the city has to offer at this amazing little shop. Pick up a box of chocolates along with your hot cocoa while you are there.

Looking for more places to enjoy warm drinks? Here are a few to consider.


What better way is there to say, "I Love You", than with a beautifully decorated cupcake? Portland bakers are slinging awesome Valentine's Day cupcakes that you definitely want to check out. Kyra's Bake Shop serves up specials like New York Cheesecake (vanilla cake with graham cracker crust, raspberry jam, cream cheese frosting). Looking for more places to buy cupcakes? You can find some here.

Top 10 Donut Shops

Start your loved one's Valentine's Day with the sweetest of the breakfast foods: Donuts! Portland has always been known for its exceptional donut shops and guess what? Many of them are still open and offering family favorites! From Blueberry Bourbon Basil to Captain Crunch, check out all of our favorites here.

Candy Shops

Everybody loves to receive candy on Valentine's Day and Portland has some amazing candy stores that are still offering families goodies for purchase for this special day and all of the days. Locally owned Creo Chocolate offers delicious treats like truffles, cacao nibs, and a myriad of chocolate bars. You can even purchase hot cocoa! Bonus: all can be ordered online. Hattie’s Sweet Shop is another favorite that is family owned. Named after owner Tricia Leahy’s grandmother, Hattie’s has the old-fashioned charm that appeals to kids and the kids at heart. Located in downtown Mt. Angel (candy road trip!), Hattie’s features fine chocolates from all over the world, handmade fudge, imported candies, nostalgic candies, and over 35 varieties of Licorice. The Candy Basket is a factory outlet in east Portland, featuring a chocolate waterfall! While you can’t dip a cup in and taste, you can pick up salt water taffy, truffles, chocolate covered gummy bears, and more in the gift shop! Shop online for delivery, as well.

Need more options? Our five favorites are here.

—Annette Benedetti

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