We all remember our childhood birthday parties.  Glorious days marked by friends, family and yummy treats.  The king of the birthday treats was without a doubt the birthday cake.

However now there exist an even greater selection of goodies that threaten to steal the birthday crown from King Cake’s frosted dome.  Any one of these choices will be sure to please even the most loyal of the king’s subjects(officially the last King Cake joke).

Giant Cupcake
Is it a cake?  Is it a cupcake?  You decide!  This delicious hybrid is a specialty of Bliss Bake Shop.  Their giant cupcakes come in any one of the shop’s 30 cupcake flavors.  $30-$36; serves about 10-12 people.  website

New Cascadia Cookies
Kiddos on a gluten-free diet can still enjoy tasty treats, thanks to New Cascadia and its gluten-free menu.  These delicious cookies will cost $1 each.  website

Cupcake Jones
What is it about a cupcake that is more fun than a traditional cake?  When it comes to these little scrumptious wonders, Cupcake Jones definitely makes some of the best.  Order a dozen mini delights for $16.50 or larger ones for $36.  website

Voodoo Doughnuts
Two savory worlds collide to create the doughnut cake.  The geniuses over at Voodoo Doughnuts have found a way to merge the two into an awesome treat.  This has to be seen and preferably tasted to believe.  website