An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but does it count if it’s in a pie crust? Our littlest sweets think it does and we don’t disagree so we’ve rounded up places in Portland that are serving up the best of the best of our favorite all-American treat. Read on to find out where you can find best apple pie our city has to offer.

random order coffeehouse

photo: Random Order Coffeehouse and Bakery

Random Order Coffeehouse and Bakery
Take Oregon’s best blackberries, mix them with apples and throw a walnut streusel on top, and you’ll find an instant family favorite at this Alberta coffeehouse. With Tahitian Vanilla Apple, Vegan Apple Pecan and Vanilla Sugar Salted Caramel Apple also on the menu, you could easily just get one of each and have a family tasting party.

1800 NE Alberta St.

Lauretta Jean’s
For seasonal fruit pies that will light up little eyes, this is your best bet. In the summer you’ll find Fresh Berry Sweet Cream (need we say more?), Blackberry Raspberry Streusel, Peach Raspberry Sour Cream and Strawberry Short Pie, not to mention a S’mores Pie, which will make you want to pack the van and go camping. When it comes to apples, check in often to see what’s cooking: Heirloom Apple, Brown Butter Apple Walnut and Salted Caramel Apple are at the top of our bucket list.

SW 6th and Pine

3402 SE Division St.

pacific pie co

photo: Pacific Pie Co. by Nawal R. via Yelp

Pacific Pie Co.
This one is a no-brainer. Pies are what they do best, so naturally, they have a variety of apple concoctions to choose from. Our favorites are Apple Sour Cream and Salted Caramel Apple, and the 21-and-over members of your crew might enjoy Whiskey Apple, too. Buying by the slice is the way to go so you can select as many flavors as you’d like, then take them home and sample them all.

1668 NW 23rd Ave.

1520 SE 7th Ave.


Petunia’s Pies & Pastries
Gluten-free and vegan foodies, take note! This bakery has just what you’ve been looking for (whether you know it or not). The Caramel Apple Pecan Pie is something to write home about and the Raspberry-Apple and Marionberry-Apple Pies are tied for second (so we’ll have one of each). If you’re not vegan or gluten-free, it’s worth a taste and you just might find that you don’t miss the ingredients you’re used to.

610 SW 12th Ave.

baker and spice

photo: Cakes and pies too by Brent W. via Yelp

We’ll admit it; we’re all about hand pies. They are easy for the kiddos to hold, minimizing the mess and the inevitable cleanup that takes place after untrained little hands give up on the fork and use their fingers when eating traditional pies. Bakeshop has a menu that changes with the seasons, so make sure to check in and see if they have apples available yet. As soon as their apple hand pies are ready, grab your spot in line and get one for every member of the family. Trust us on this one.

5351 NE Sandy Blvd.

Pie Spot
They call themselves the home of the pie hole and we had to find out why. Their individual pies (pie holes) are the perfect size so you don’t have to share. It also means that everyone gets to choose their own flavor, and perhaps you can pick up a few extras for breakfast. Grown-ups like the Brandy Apple Pie and their classic apple flavors tend to be a bit on the spicier side, if that’s your thing. We recommend plenty of vanilla ice cream and you’re good to go.

521 NE 24th Ave.

Where do you feed your pie hole? Let us know in the comments below!

—Marianne Walters