Awesome Meal Kit Delivery Services for Portland Families

Balancing the kids’ school and work while keeping the house from falling apart has become extra challenging scince COVID led to closures. Between home schooling the kids, Zoom calls for work and cleaning your home’s nooks and crannies; finding time to make healthy meals feels nearly impossible. Luckily there are great services throughout the Portland area ready to deliver whatever you need, whether it’s a hot meal that’s ready to put on the table or ingredients that are prepped for you to heat up yourself. Read on for Portland meal kit delivery services that are just waiting to make your life a little easier.

photo: Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon meal kit delivery service

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Who doesn't love Martha Stewart? Even Snoop couldn't resist her charms. And now she's partnered with Marley Spoon, a cook-at-home food delivery service that helps families put Martha-worthy dishes on the table. The menu features 22+ recipes every week and the website tags meals as family-friendly, under-30 minutes, gluten-free and other categories. Favorites include: chicken fajita bowl, bacon-wrapped skillet meatloaf and cheese tortelloni. The website provides big, colorful step-by-step photos for careless cooks and kids who want to help. 

Cost: Plans start at $7.99/portion + $8.99 shipping
Online: marleyspoon.com

photo: Gobble


This meal prep service doesn't just eliminate those endless runs to your local grocer, they take most all of the work out of cooking. Gone are the days of shopping, chopping and measuring. Just heat and serve delicious one-pain recipes. That's right, even the cleanup is a cinch. Wondering how good these easy meals could possibly be? Try Pan-Seared Sirloin Steak with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & Béarnaise Sauce or Crispy Chicken Sandwich & Napa Cabbage Slaw with Caraway Vinaigrette. Hard to believe dishes like these can be made in 15 minutes or less.

Cost: Prices start at $11.99/serving
Online: gobble.com

photo: Blue Apron

Blue Apron

If you are a first timer in the meal delivery world, going with a service that has been around long enough to prove its worth is the way to go...and Blue Apron had done just that. Pick your plan and choose from two-serving, four-serving, wellness and vegetarian menus with recipes that are easy to follow and hit the plate in 40 minutes or less. Your whole family will love dishes like Steaks and Brown Butter Sauce and Mango Chutney Grilled Cheese. Their menu has our mouths watering at first read!

Cost: Meals cost $8.99-9.99/serving with free shipping
Online: blueapron.com

photo: Freshly


Are you just done with cooking all together? Freshly is a weekly meal delivery service that offers fresh, chef-cooked meals that are done and just need to be heated. Served in three minutes, they take all of the work out of eating healthy. You don't even need to use your stove or oven. Think old-school microwavable dinner meats modern-day gourmet cooking. Freshly promises less sugar, less processed and more nutrients, and the menu features comfort foods made with ingredients you can feel good about. Feel your family up with options like Chicken Parm, Mac and Cheese, and Turkey Meatballs.

Cost: Customers can order 4 meals ($11.50/each), 6 meals ($8.99/each), 9 meals ($8.99/each) or 12 meals ($7.99/each) weekly.
Online: Freshly.com

photo: Hello Fresh


Do you just need a little inspiration to get you back into the kitchen? HelloFresh is determined to put the joy of cooking back into families' lives with their meal delivery services. They do all the planning, shopping, and portioning for each meal so you can enjoy meals mad with in-season, sustainably-sourced, healthy and flavorful ingredients. HelloFresh's recipes aren't just delicious, they promise quick cook times that ensure chopping, measuring and sautéeing takes less than 30 minutes. Family-friendly meals include Tomato Tortellini Bake, Ginger Plum Chicken and Pork Chops with Apple Rosemary Pan Sauce. 

Cost: Meals $8.99/serving. Delivery is free for all orders.
Online: hellofresh.com

photo: Dinnerly


COVID has made eating healthy tough for for many families. Dinnerly is the perfect solution for those looking to serve easy meals that taste good and are still good for you. Choose from a variety of menu items each week and get ready for kid-friendly options to be delivered right to your doorstep. Your kids will love their popcorn shrimp, orange chicken and ravioli! And, the good news is, each meal takes less than 30 minutes to get on the table. 

Cost: Meals start at $4.69/person

— Annette Benedetti


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