Breaking Down the Diaper Dilemmalucy_467

You’ve wrestled with the cloth-or-disposable conundrum, and still aren’t feeling at peace with your decision. But now that the composting craze has come to diapers, we think you’ll agree that it just makes sense.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean hosting a poo pile in your backyard. In fact, while compostable diapers are available, it’s a little trickier than just throwing the soiled nappies in with some compost starter and banana peels. Higher temperatures are required to kill bacteria and pathogens found in human waste. That’s where Bay Area–based Earth Baby diaper composting service comes to the rescue. Each week, Earth Baby drops off biodegradable diapering supplies (in SF, the peninsula, Oakland, and Berkeley), and picks up your bag of soiled diapers and wipes a week later for hot-compost processing into rich soil.

You must order your supplies from Earth Baby, and along with the cost of the supplies there is a $27.45 monthly service fee and sales tax. The Nature Babycare diapers Earth Baby supplies are able to be processed using a small percentage of the energy needed to launder cloth diapers. Not to mention that they will break down quickly, as opposed to conventional disposable diapers, which take hundreds of years to break down. So join the composting crowd and say goodbye to some of your eco-guilt.

—Sarah Bossenbroek