The Interstate Bridge is your only obstacle between you and Vancouver, a playborhood of a city that’s your ideal destination for a change-of-scene adventure. For a little guidance to the coolness that is Vancouver, we’ve compiled seven amazing hot-spots to hit up with your kids. Click through the slideshow for our sure-fire recommendations for family fun.

Steamers and Screamers

Steamers & Screamers brings joy to sleepy mamas and papas all around Vancouver and beyond. This coffee-shop-meets-play-place works hard to let parents put their feet up while the kiddos can romp, stomp, climb and color. Line of sight is a breeze from the table area and your little jitterbugs can roam and explore with ease. Best for the 4 and under set.And did we mention it's located across from the mall? Just sayin'.

Got any suggestions for additional must-visit spots in Vancouver? Tell us about them in the comment section below.  

Written by: Liz Overson