Play dates and group activities have been cancelled, and Portland parents are scrambling for ways to keep things fun this weekend. We’ve got your back. You may not be able to hang with friends, but there’s plenty of options for outside and inside fun with kids. Read on to find out more.

photo: keri logan via flickr


Stream Yoga for Kids 

Good News! Happy Mindful People has moved their lessons for kids online. You can catch their snippets of movement classes on their FB Page. These 6 to 10 minute videos are perfect for kids ages 2-10. And to be honest, they are pretty darn soothing for parents too!

Get Your Game Face On

Bust out that board game you’ve been waiting to open, try one of these games with LEGO bricks or send them outside for some backyard time with these yard games. Everyone loves a little friendly competition!

Delve into Science

Channel your inner Bill Nye and try out these science experiments that you can do with stuff you have around the house. You just might learn something yourself!

Movie Night, Here We Come
Put on the PJs, pop the popcorn and pick one of these family-friendly flicks that will have you all laughing on the couch.

—Annette Benedetti