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At the German International School, we take language learning pretty seriously for many reasons. Check out what a bilingual education can do for your child:


A second language has been shown to strengthen executive functioning of the brain which manages some of the most important aspects of day-to-day life including: attention, inhibition, and reasoning. Without it, you’d have a hard time understanding what you’re reading right now.


Learning a language is more than just memorizing translations. The Sapir–Whorf hypothesis posits that the language you speak influences your world view. A second language opens your brain to new views of the world and helps you understand others better.


Surely you’ve come across job postings that prefer bilingual individuals. Providing your children the opportunity to learn a language puts them ahead of the competition in the future – coincidentally the skill needed to plan this strategy would be strengthened by learning another language.

Don’t take it from us – Google search “benefits of bilingualism” and see what comes up. The benefits are numerous and the downsides are practically none. Visit us at gspdx.org to learn more about our culture and why we take language learning so seriously!


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