Do you rave about Portland to family members with fleshed out itineraries on what to do, where to eat and picture perfect places to visit? When the weekend comes around, do parent pals with kiddos ages 0-10 hit you up for local hot spots and events? If you’re all about sharing the ins and outs of being a Portlandia parent, then Red Tricycle is looking at you!

We’re looking for talented Portland-based writers to join our team and contribute stories to our Portland metro market. Ideal candidates should:

• Have a firm grasp of the English language, excellent grammar and punctuation skills and have the ability to adapt their writing style to the Red Tricycle editorial brand.

• Able to edit and turn around stories quickly.

• Is well connected and active with Portland parent groups.

• Part of a creative writing and/or blogging community with published work (either print or online).

• Possess an intense curiosity and excitement to explore the city and dig deep (both online and in the real world) to find off-the-beaten-path story ideas and insider tips.

About Red Tricycle:
Red Tricycle connects families with awesome things to do. We believe that life should be a journey of delight and discovery, for both parent and child. Today, over 1 million parents in 9 US cities turn to Red Tricycle to discover cool things to see, eat and do with their kids via our curated, highly-actionable content.

Good luck!

To apply email your resume, writing sample, and two of your best story ideas to editor (at) with “Portland Freelance Writer” in the subject line.