Portland may have a larger than average number of day that are dark each year, but our artsy community has brightened things up by creating stunning mural walls that can be found all over town. You don’t have to wait until spring to get share-worthy shots of your young models. Read on to find out where 6 of the coolest walls are located and just waiting to become the backdrop for your next Instagram post.


Photo: Annette Benedetti

Rhinoceros Mural Wall

Located on SE Morrison street just east of SE 12 outside of There Be Monsters, this life-like mural is a community favorite. It was painted in August of 2015 by artists Josh Keys for the annual Forest For The Trees mural event. Your little animal lovers will love leaning on this friendly looking beast and the resulting photos will be unforgettable.

Location: 1308 SE Morrison St., Portland


Photo: wiredforlego via Flickr

Keep Your Chin Up Mural

Located on NE Alberta, this picture-perfect wall is a great way to show snaps of your little cuties while sharing a positive message with your loved ones. Created by portland artists Blaine Fontana and Zach Yarrington, and Tokyo’s Jun Inoue, this mural combines art with some inspirational words. The shock of blue layered with blacks, whites and greys draw your eyes to the message and your kiddos bright smiles in front of it all will remind those who see your photos that life is good!

Location: 2127 Northeast Alberta St., Portland


Photo: Zervas via Flickr

The Comunity Cycling Center Mural

Portlanders love their bikes and that’s why your little cyclists will be thrilled to stand in front of this colorful scene. Created by Artist Robin Corbo, this piece of artwork focuses on child-powered apparatuses and is inclusive in its portrayal of a parade of children of all ages and abilities. In between photo shoots take some time to look for the tandem bicycle, wheelchair and unicycle. This wall is every bit Portlandy.

Location: NE 17th & Alberta St. Portland


Photo: Annette Benedetti

People’s History of Hawthorne

Located on the corner of SE Hawthorne and SE 49th on the Eagles Lodge, this beautiful mural represents the best of the area and is a dedication to the neighborhood and community. It includes representations of historical figures and mythical figures that are said to have shaped SE Portland. Look closely and you will catch a glimpse of the individuals you see roaming the neighborhood. Artist, Chris Haberman painted this piece in 2012/2013 and your littles will love standing among the neighborhood folk while you capture an image of them hanging out in this vibrant depiction of their beloved hometown.

Location: 4904 SE HawthornBlvd., Portland


Photo: wiredforlego via Flickr

Giant Rabbit Mural

While this mural is not officially named “Giant Rabbit Mural,” the name fits. This piece will leave you, your child and everyone who checks out your family photos in awe! You’ll want to bring a wide angle lens or stand back as far as you possibly can so that you can fit the mural into your Instagram feed. Artist Mateu Velsco is responsible for painting this fantastic scene and it will make the perfect backdrop for your photos of family and friends all year round.

Location 1823 NE Alberta St., Portland


Photo: wiredforlego via Flickr

Sunflower Mural

This wall will brighten any day and any image you want to take of your favorite little. The sunflower is simple but beautiful and it comes with a sweet reminder,”What a Wonderful World!” And if it’s raining out? Portlanders don’t mind because we know that rain is a beautiful thing! This wall can be found on SE 9th and it was created by artist Jose Solis.

Location: SE Ankeney St. & SE9th Ave., Portland


What is your family’s favorite mural wall to take photos in front of? Share it with us in the comment section below!

—Annette Benedetti