This is another party from the creative genius of Teddi Yaeger. Before she became a professional baby & family photography, she considered a career as a party planner. Big Surprise.  Lucky kids.


Inspired by the the dog fabric she found by Heather Ross Designs from her “Lightning Bugs” collection, Teddi used the fabric as the tablecloth.  She then purchased various dog print papers and clear plastic “paint cans”, and made the canisters for silverware, napkins, etc.  (All purchased at Michael’s in Lynnwood)  The dog ear headbands are from Oriental Trading Company, and guest were quickly transformed into puppies when they walked in the door by adding the ears and painting their faces.

A Veterinarian’s office area was set-up with stuffed dogs and a doctor’s kit, and a sign painted on a piece of canvas. Teddi went to Ben Franklin’s in Redmond and used their die-cut machine to cut out little white foam bones (which she adhered to the balloon strings).  She also had an “agility” course set up in the backyard for the little ‘doggies’.

For lunch? hot dogs – of course!

The biggest hit, according the Teddi, was the Adoption area, where guests went before they left to adopt their puppies and take them home.

“I purchased orange “takeout” containers from Michael’s, and cut out a doggie door in each, making them look like little dog houses.  I placed a puppy in each one, and adhered more of the die-cut bones over the doors.  I printed out adoption forms and helped each child fill one out -what will you feed your puppy, what games will you play with your puppy, etc? The kids LOVED it!” Thanks for the inspiration, Teddi!

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