crafts4Leave it to a PR veteran like Jennifer Rice to come up with a creative birthday idea to keep a gaggle of girls busy indoors on a rainy afternoon. Homemade crafts and ice cream sundaes were top of the agenda for daughter Ellie’s sixth birthday. Crafts supplies came from Michael’s in Bellevue and included beads for necklaces, wooden bug boxes for the boys, dreamcatchers (popsicle sticks + string), canvas tote bags, and little jewelry boxes for the girls. The kids kept all the crafts they made.craft1

The ice cream sundaes were inspired by an independent six-year-old who was going through an “I don’t like cake phase” and became not only part of the party theme, but the cake substitute as well.

All the sundae fixings are from the local supermarket (pick your favorite) and included a variety of flavors and toppings from whipped cream and cherries, to sprinkles and chocolate chips, and cereal and gummy bears.

Photos by Laura Lowery, Shades of Gray Photographycrafts5

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