Portland families have been lining up for precious scoops of Salt & Straw’s sea salt with caramel ribbons or strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper for years. Now, there’s a whole new Salt & Straw game in town—soft serve! Wiz Bang Bar has arrived in style to swirl new flavors into your ice cream-loving heart. Read on for the scoop…errr…swirl?

Wiz Bang Bar-Kris I-Yelp

photo: Kris I. via Yelp

Wiz Bang Bar
Wiz Bang Bar, the newest venture by Salt & Straw, just opened in April in the hot new Pine Street Market (psst…get our insider’s guide to this new hot spot here). Instead of a scoop shop, Wiz Bang serves up soft serve cones, sundaes, “concretes” (think of a highbrow Blizzard) and more.

This portion of Pine Street Market has its own private entrance, ready for lines to spill out the door and around the block come warm summer evenings and weekends, much like its other locations and nearby Voodoo Doughnut. As you make your way through the line, you’ll be able to sample all the flavors you care to. By the time you make it to the counter, you’ll be tempted by the sundae and concrete fixings: rounds of fluffy angel food cake, chocolate sandwich cookie chunks, rhubarb “sour straws” and egg-free cookie dough chunks, all made in-house. And, of course, sprinkles..

Wiz Bang Bar menu

The Menu
Five to six flavors of soft serve, a few of which will probably stay on the regular menu, others of which will rotate seasonally. Vanilla custard and Woodblock chocolate will play well with the kids, and as of this writing, there’s a vegan roasted strawberry coconut flavor as well. Get a hearty serving in a cup for $3.95. They don’t disappoint those looking for a signature flavor that you can’t find anywhere else. Yep, for those brave palates, there’s ham ice cream to be had.

Wiz Bang Bar by Salt & Straw Hand dipped cones: Oregon black raspberry, black truffle white chocolate, single origin chocolate

photo: Carly Diaz

Dipped cones play a little differently here. First of all, they’re (gasp!) not dipped, but that magical shell coating is drizzled on. Shell flavors include single origin chocolate, black truffle white chocolate and Oregon black raspberry. These dipped cones get drippy fast, so make sure your young charges are ready to strike a quick attack.


photo: Carly Diaz

Sundaes are over-the-top fancy in a way that the over-20 set might appreciate more, but what chocolate-loving kid could resist the hot fudge sundae with angel food cake, marshmallow fluff and hazelnut ganache? For simpler tastes and smaller appetites, you can just get a cup of ice cream and add hot fudge on top.

Concretes are soft serve mixed with housemade mix-ins. Fresh and crunchy “Oreo” cookies are swirled into the Woodblock chocolate ice cream for a satisfying cookies and cream delight.

Milkshakes, floats and novelties like chocolate ice cream tacos round out the menu. Mom and/or dad can even get a beer float. Score! As you check out, you can grab a pint of a classic Salt & Straw ice cream, or some tasty candies and chocolates from the likes of locals Quin and Alma Chocolate.Pine Stree Market

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Once you make your order and pay at the register, find a seat among the communal seating in Pine Street Market, or head outside to Waterfront Park on a nice day. You’ll get cones as you order, and they’ll take your name for sundaes and other more labor-intensive treats.

There are napkins on the communal tables. You might need them! If you need water or extra silverware, check the busing area in the back of the building, straight past Wiz Bang and to the left of Trifecta Annex. There are high chairs and bathrooms in that area as well. A passcode is required to access the bathrooms, so ask for it when you’re already in line.

Wiz Bang Bar by Salt & Straw Chocolate sundae

photo: Carly Diaz

Early Reports
The ice cream is definitely Salt & Straw’s signature high fat content, and it’s being compared more to frozen custard than the icy soft serve you might remember from your childhood. Flavors are strong, and the salty flavors are salty, as is the thick and decadent chocolate fudge. On a recent visit, three of us got a bowl of chocolate and a sundae, and we a bit worried about being able to finish it all. Don’t worry—we got it done! The sundae came with two spoons, which might be a bit of a hint. Some of the sundaes, like the berries and grits, skew a little more savory, and might disappoint someone looking for a decadent sweet treat. So far, the rich and creamy concretes are getting rave reviews. Get one to share!

Wiz Bang Bar
126 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, Or
Online: saltandstraw.com

Do you have a craving for ice cream now? What sounds best to you? Let us know in the comments!

—Kelley Gardiner