Moms are pretty special. Everything that mom does deserves an extra-special gift this holiday season. Choosing a truly unique Christmas gift that your mom will love only takes thinking a bit about what is important to mom, and then searching through the ten ideas below. Find a gift perfect for the new mom, the mom who entertains, the mom on the go, and more. Better yet? Tell mom that her gift helped support a local Oregon business!


The Gift of a Retreat Getaway

The opportunity to connect with other moms, get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, and receive relaxing spa services would be a welcome gift for many moms. The 2018 Sacred Mothers Retreat hosted in the gorgeous Suttle Lake Camp in Central Oregon. The cost of the retreat includes three meals a day made by a professional chef who specializes in whole foods cooking, yoga classes, hiking, and creative writing and art workshops. Moms will participate in women's circles where they will connect with other mothers. And there will be practitioner time where moms can sign up for treatments by massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, and energy healers.

June 8-10th & Oct. 12-14th
Suttle Lake Camp in Central Oregon
Cost: $325-$375 (depending on accommodation choice.)
Purchase information online:

photo: courtesy of Sacred Mother's Retreat

Did you see something that would be great for your mom, or are you a mom and have your eye on something locally made that you’d really like? Comment with your favorite gift below!

—Jenni Bost