Foodies gush over Portland for its amazing coffee, locally crafted beer, and of course, making “pork belly” a household term. But Stumptown also has a serious sweet tooth. In the past year alone, a number of bakeries and candy shops have opened across the city, and after visiting them, you’ll never look at a vending machine candy bar the same way again. And what makes us heart these places even more? Each has its own “kids welcome” vibe. Here, our faves to visit with your own small cupcake.

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries

“Vegan and gluten-free” used to mean desserts the density and flavor of hockey pucks. But this is 2013 and Portland. Petunia’s won’t disappoint even the most hard-core butter and wheat lover. The owner (who has a gluten allergy of her own) started out of her home kitchen in 2010 and has been selling her baked goods at local co-ops and cafes ever since. This adorable West End store (think: lots of pink) is her first.

Don’t miss: The salted caramel chocolate bars.

Find It: 610 SW 12th Street

photo credit: Petunia Bakery

Did we miss your favorite new bakery? Tell us below and then fill us in on the sweet treats you bring home.

–Stephanie Booth