Foodies gush over Portland for its amazing coffee, locally crafted beer, and of course, making “pork belly” a household term. But Stumptown also has a serious sweet tooth. In the past year alone, a number of bakeries and candy shops have opened across the city, and after visiting them, you’ll never look at a vending machine candy bar the same way again. And what makes us heart these places even more? Each has its own “kids welcome” vibe. Here, our faves to visit with your own small cupcake.

The Sugar Cube

Yes, there are kid-pleasers here, like the chocolate chunk cookies with their oatmeal, coconut, golden raisins and chocolate chips. But Sugar Cube (which started out as a food truck) knows what adults want too. Think: Nutella, fruity olive oil, and sea salt on toast. The selection of magazines and comfy seating area make this a perfect post-playdate stop.

Don’t miss: The coffeemallow pie.

Find It: 3039 NE Alberta

photo credit: The Sugar Cube Facebook page

Did we miss your favorite new bakery? Tell us below and then fill us in on the sweet treats you bring home.

–Stephanie Booth