The value of money is a tough (but very important!) concept to teach kids. They see mom or dad swiping a little plastic card and magically all is paid for. OnPoint Community Credit Union is dedicated to supporting the next generation of savers with their OnPoint Savers account that’s just for kids. Read on for the full scoop on why it’s the perfect way to get your kids excited about saving.

Does your kid have tooth fairy or birthday cash burning a hole in their pocket? A savings account is the ideal way to get them to see how they can make their money grow instead of spending it on another LEGO set or doll outfit.

The OnPoint Savers account is just for kids 17 and under. When your child opens a new account and deposits their first $25, OnPoint will reward their efforts by depositing an additional $55. Talk about getting a bang for your buck! The rewards continue with a high interest rate of 5.00% APY for the first $500 deposited. By seeing their savings grow week after week, kids will be encouraged to keep their money in their account and save instead of spending when they receive money in the future. 

By physically bringing their money into the credit union, kids will better understand the process of saving their money. OnPoint Community Credit Union offers convenient branches in Portland, Vancouver, Bend, Eugene, Beaverton and Redmond to make it easy for you to stop by. Friendly tellers will eagerly show kids their new account balance after they’ve made a deposit to further engage them in the process. 

You can feel good about your kids saving their money with OnPoint Community Credit Union, a mainstay of the Portland community since 1932. By supporting local non-profits, OnPoint is a good example for kids of how businesses can be stewards in their community. 

Ready to get the kids excited about saving? Bring them in to your local OnPoint Community Credit Union branch with their piggy bank in hand and have them join in the saving revolution! It’s never too early to start learning the value of money.

OnPoint Community Credit Union

—Kate Loweth




OnPoint Savers Account rate of 5.00% APY is subject to change. Stated APY is for balances up to $500; balances of $500.01 and higher earn posted Regular Savings Account rate. Account must be established for member age 17 or younger by parent or guardian with a minimum $25 deposit. Parent or legal guardian must be on the membership and present to open the OnPoint Savers Account. When primary member attains the age of 18, accounts will be converted to Regular Savings Account, earning that account’s published rate at that time. Fiduciary memberships, including UTTMA and Minor Settlement Accounts are not eligible for OnPoint Savers. One OnPoint Savers Account per member/TIN. One $55 bonus per tax ID for new members only. Cannot be combined with Refer a Friend bonus or other promotional offers.

The full account balance APY is calculated by combining the 5.00% APY earnings on the first $500 with the standard APY on the remaining balance above $500.

Federally insured by NCUA.