These days there’s a new, playful reason to head to Sellwood. Recently opened in January, Pied Piper Play Cafe has all the makings to lure every member of your Portland fam. Enjoy a caffeinated brew (or hoppy IPA) while jumping onto their free Wifi and your lil’ skipper tackles the animatronic dinosaur in the Play Cafe’s spacious play-area. Read on to see why this local coffee shop should be your new favorite hang out.

Pied piper play cafe wide

photo: Pied Piper Play Cafe by cameron t. via Yelp


With a colorful mural of a Pied Piper leading a procession of famous cartoon characters like Curious George, Snoopy, Mother Goose and more, you know Pied Piper Play Cafe is furnished for a fantastic time. Come for the decked-out play area, fitted with a kid-sized gear to play house, plush toys, a wide array of engaging gizmos and even a climbing gym. Soft flooring in a faux wood finish allows for a friendly landing for quick trips down the slide. While the space is designed for kids 5 & under, older playmates who can play gently and respectfully are welcome, too. Admission to the play area is $3/child, with discounts available for frequent visitors.

Pied Piper Play Cafe mural

photo: Pied Piper Play Cafe by cameron t. via Yelp

Eat and Drink

It’s easy to sip your much needed cuppa while keeping an eye your ball of energy. Parents can set up at one of the ledges overlooking the play space, or at a circular table in the airy area for older kids who need a little less supervision.

Split a mouthwatering breakfast meal or classic sandwiches, soup, salads, and appetizers with the little ones. Or let your muncher grab their own meal for $4.50, which gets your little gourmand’s choice of one entree, one side, and a drink. Looking to really unwind? Order a beer or wine and take advantage of the play time and free Wi-Fi. On a weekend, it’s typical to see a few parents enjoying mimosas while letting the kids whoop it up.

Restroom 411

Breathe a sigh of relief, because the restrooms as kid-friendly as they can come. There’s a stepstool to help small people wash their hands, a real changing table (not a plastic fold-down) for the babes, and even some extra wipes and diapers just in case you run out.

Pied Piper Play Cafe exterior

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Take it Outside

Head outside for fenced-in fun. Your mini-me can play houses or teeter-totter on the neat see-saw. You’ll have to venture outside to keep a close eye on the kiddos, but on warmer days, we consider any chance to soak up the sun as a bonus.

Insider Info.

On weekends, this spot gets hopping, so come earlier in the day for a more laid back experience. But if hanging with your neighbors and making new friends is on the agenda, after 10 a.m. is the time to consider.

As a real community addition, Pied Piper Play Cafe also hosts private birthday parties, classes and fun events that’ll satisfy all ages. All parties are private, leaving the place closed to public, so be sure to check the website’s calendar before heading over.

8609 SE 17th Ave.

Have you visited the Pied Piper Play Cafe? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

—Kelley Gardiner