With school starting and fall inching closer, it’s about time to pull out those extra blankets and rain jackets. Celebrate the changing seasons with a big bowl of steaming soup! With so many ways to simmer, stir, scoop and slurp, soup is something every member of your crew can enjoy. And no one can argue with a nice hunk of buttered bread or a grilled cheese on the side! Find your favorite bowl at one of these great places around Portland—but leave some in the pot for the rest of us! Read on for more!

Portland Soup Company

Another cozy little food cart downtown, Soup Company has a rotating menu of soups that’s different each day, so go with an open mind and mouth. Creative combinations of the past include pumpkin soup with Bartlett pears and chives, chilled tomato gazpacho, and Thai carrot coconut curry. But don’t worry if you have picky eaters—the tomato and grilled cheese will be right up their alley. A cup is $4, and a bowl is $6. Seating is limited, but they do have a small covered patio if it’s raining. And be sure to catch them early, as they’re only open until 3pm for lunch!

1941 SW 4th Ave.
Portland, OR
Online: portlandsoup.com

Photo: erin via yelp

What’s your favorite soup to slurp? Tell us in the comments below!