Maybe seeing where their food comes from will get your kids to eat veggies. Maybe? From peppers to parsnips and rhubarb to raspberries, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes are what summer is all about for many Oregon families. Whether your farm of choice is seasonal or year-round, read on for some farm fresh choices hand-picked just for you, and who knows? Maybe your kids will finally chow down on their veggies.


photo: Amy Love / Love Farm Organics LLC

Love Farm Organics
This farm is now operating under its first female farmer, Amy Love, a 5th generation farmer in the Love family. With CSA share options in different quantities, you can be sure your family is getting exactly what you wish for. The full-share and half-share options feed 5-6 people and 2-3 people respectively, while the Love-Lettuce-Share and Love-Berry-Share options are available for the salad lovers and berry lovers among us. Pickups happen at 10 different locations in the area and the season is approximately 24 weeks long. Prices start at just $85 for the berry share and go up to $975 for the full share.

46125 NW Hillside Rd.
Forest Grove

Sun Gold Farm
Sun Gold Farm is a family business that changed directions 20 years ago when they decided to transform from a conventional grain and dairy farm to a fruit and vegetable farm. Their goal to feed the community healthy, safe food has led them to offer produce at a wide variety of locations in the area, as well as an online farm store in which members can purchase a variety of additional items. Delivery days and locations vary throughout the week. Prices start at $25/week for a full share (18 weeks from June-October), or $32.25/week for a half share. Thanksgiving shares are also available for $40.

6995 NW Evers Rd.
Forest Grove

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens

photo: Pumpkin Ridge Gardens

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens
For those looking for a year-round offering, this farm really delivers! You’ll receive four seasons of fresh vegetables (and recipes to go with them) delivered to your doorstep. They also offer farm parties, so you can take your family to the source to meet the farmers and see where the produce comes from. Delivery happens on Tuesdays or Fridays, 52 weeks out of the year, and prices start at $990/year for a half share or $1560/year for a full share.

31067 NW Pumpkin Ridge Dr.
North Plains

Winter Green Farm
With 24 years of experience offering CSA boxes to Oregonians, Winter Green has strong community values at heart. As one of the first farms to accept SNAP benefits, they figured out how to enable low-income families to participate in a CSA share. Their produce is not only organic, but biodynamic as well (following nature’s rhythms, planting astrologically, and treating the whole farm as a living organism), following Rudolf Steiner’s method introduced in the 1920’s. Delivery locations are in NE, SE, and SW and a late season option is available through Thanksgiving by picking up at one of three farmer’s markets. Prices start at $555 for 19 weeks and $200 to add 5 weeks in the late season.

89762 Poodle Creek Rd.


photo: Gathering Together Farm

Gathering Together Farm
This sustainable family farm has a lot of gears turning each day. In addition to the growing of plentiful goods for farmers’ markets and CSA boxes, they provide food for local businesses and have an on-site grocery store and restaurant. Their CSA boxes have a beautiful variety of veggies and fruits with two salad options (playfully named “Salad Lovers” and “Salad Addicts”) for an additional fee. Boxes are picked up at your choice of a wide variety of farmers’ markets throughout the week, and subscriptions start at $550 for the summer season, with a monthly payment option.

25159 Grange Hall Rd.

Working Hands Farm
This community-focused farm is all about the full “farm-ily” experience. They offer members a chance visit the farm for a CSA member potluck, volunteer opportunities, a pumpkin day, and other events. In addition to offering a weekly and bi-weekly CSA share, Working Hands also gives members opportunities to purchase eggs and meat, and hosts an exclusive members’ website with recipes and more. Their season is 28 weeks long and CSA pick-up happens at their farm in Hillsboro.

7705 SW River Rd.

Where does your family get fresh, local produce? Let us know in the Comments below!

—Marianne Walters