Trick or treating might be a little different (and socially distanced) this, but on the bright side, there’s a full moon this year so there’s sure to be plenty of light for the littles! If you, like many other local families, are feeling extra Portland proud lately, consider dressing up your kiddos in a costume that shows their pride. Stumped on how to look like Stump town? Read on for some Portland-inspired costumes!


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Rain Cloud & Rainbow

This could possibly be the most Portland costume of all time, and it’s a classic that will never go out of style. Get the whole family in on it with individual cloud or raindrop costumes and then designate someone to carry or be a rainbow! You can buy costumes online or get crafty and creative. With a little cotton, colored paper and glue, you’ll have the cutest rainstorm in town.

Little Activist

Portland is known for its community full of activists. But it’s not just the adults that that care about making our world a better place, our kids do to. This might be one of the easiest costumes of all. Just make your kiddo a sign with your favorite inspirational or activist quote on it and then go marching for some candy.


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Blazers or Timbers Fan
Portland loves its Blazers and Timbers. Any real Timbers fan has enough gear to outfit the entire army, so put it to good use! You can make it interactive with pretend axe-chopping your way up and down the street. Or just get your brand new babe an adorable onsie and you’ll have all of the ghosts and ghouls gathered to get a peak.


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Little Hippie

Portland may be best known for it’s hipsters. But there was a time when hippies filled our streets. Evoke the classic Portland hippie in the days of flower power, jam bands, and bell bottoms. Our local Good Will stores are packed with everything htat you need. Online shops are also a COVID-safe go-to if you can’t pull some pieces out of the back of your own cloest.


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Red Yarn

If you’ve got a mini superfan on your hands, dress them up like Portland’s one and only Red Yarn! Grab a western shirt, hat, guitar, and a woodland puppet for good measure! Bonus points if they can sing their favorite Red Yarnian song.


The mythical Sasquatch usually stays out of view, but this Halloween does fall on a full moon so he’s sure to make an appearance. Get ready to greet him with your very own sasquatch costume: he’s sure to feel welcome to the neighborhood.


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A Doughnut

Portlanders love their donuts! There are plenty of donut outfits you can purchase on line. You could even DIY this one at home with some felt. Go all VooDoo and stick real cereal to the costume!

Put A Bird On It

This might be the easiest idea for a Portland costume ever! Throw it back to 2011 with a Portlandia-inspired costume—just put a bird on it!


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Food Truck

Dress up as an ode to your favorite food cart–if your little one is in a stroller, you’ve got a rolling costume! DIY some local favorites like Khao Man Gai, The Grilled Cheese Bus, or others.

Baby Hipster

This one might be more for a parent’s laugh, but dressing your baby up in something that’s only funny to adults is Basic Parenting 101. Give them some flannel, sketch on a beard, and if you really want to go for it– stick a fake bottle of IPA next to them.

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—Katrina Emery

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