The month of February is here and it’s full of hearts and art and tons of live performances. Catch the circus, watch a play, get crafty or go on a guided snow shoe tour. What ever you do, fill your weekend with events and activities that spread the family love. Read on to find out more.

photo: visit Lakeland via flickr


SE Portland

Experience Essentials
ETC and Tempos Contemporary Circus combine dance, theatre and acrobatic circus traditions to craft original live performance work rooted in social issues.With Underneath, Tempos presents the story of people making the best of what the tides leave them, rebirth and how our underlying fears should not dictate what we choose to see in others. In It’s Like This, ETC introduces a collection of delightfully unfamiliar, whimsical creatures that will defy your expectations. Discover what it’s like to bring those who slither, bounce, float, and pounce together into community. A beautiful and comic story suitable for all ages. Fri. & Sat. Event Details.

Check Out Pescador (Fisherman) by Silencio Blanco
Contemporary Chilean puppetry ensemble Silencio Blanco returns to Portland with four performances of Pescador (Fisherman) at Imago Theatre. In this hour-long puppetry fable, a lone pescador (fisherman) encounters the immensity of nature in pursuit of a trade that’s been nearly forgotten in the age of industrial fishery. Silencio Blanco’s visually arresting trademark style features simple, yet highly expressive, papier-mache puppet figures co-existing onstage with silent actor-puppeteers accompanied by a musical soundscape. Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

Go to the Winter Farmers Mercado
Support local growers, artisans, and Latino entrepreneurs at the Portland Mercado. There’s lots of live entertaiment and plenty of fun activities for the kids. Sat. Event Details. 

NW Portland

Head to the Cutting Room
Building on its fruitful history of working in film, BodyVox will embark on expanding its unique brand of dance theater. The Cutting Room utilizes a mash up of cinematic scenes from classic films and cutting edge independent productions. Action films will blend with comedy, drama, and sci-fi to create an architecture for movement motifs that reinterpret the scenes, adding layers of dramatic context. This re-imagined production will journey to an intersection of nostalgia, performance, animation, and innovation, where we will find movies and memories at the heart of our shared experience. Fri. & Sat. Event Details.

Attend the Stellaluna STEM Storytime
Join in on a reading of Stellaluna followed by a fun STEM craft activity where your little scientists will make bat rockets! All supplies provided. Sat. Event Details.

Mt. Hood

Go on a Guided Snowshoe Tours Weekends at Mt Hood
Enjoy a wonderful afternoon away from the hustle and bustle, and go on a tour through trees and meadows with a scenic view of frosty Umbrella Falls. These snowshoe tours are an incredible way for our guests who don’t ski or snowboard to experience the beauty and inspiration of the being on the mountain. Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

SW Portland

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed at OCT
The story of when rat met hat! Wilbur the Naked Mole Rat was just like all the other naked mole rats – naked – until the day an ordinary hat falls into his tunnel. Wilbur dares to try it on and his life changes forever! But his au naturel friends think he’s crazy and pressure him to give up his clothes-wearing ways. From three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems, this cheeky musical shows that individualism can, and should, be worn proudly! Sat. & Sun. Event Details.

NE Portland

Attend the First Sunday Electric Bike Ride
First Sunday Electric Bike Rides are sponsored by Nomad Cycles. Each month they host  a fun electric bike ride to support and create a community of electric bike riders. Join in the fun. Sun. Event Details.


Join a V-Day Mom and Me Glass Painting Class
Don’t miss Mom and Me Valentine Glass Painting Class: A Mother/Child (or Dad, or Grandma, or Auntie— you get the picture) activity with a wine glass and jar mug glass painting class held at books around the corner! This month’s design: hearts and dots. In this 1.5 hour class, the adult will hand paint a design on a wine glass while the child hand paints the same design on a jar mug glass guided by an instructor from Le Painted Grape. All painting supplies and wine/jar mug glass included. Sun. Event Details.

—Annette Benedetti